Stainless steel screws can be preset at fixed points

There is no hole depth attached and borehole tilting troubles, and the construction achievement rate is 100%.5mm, and a drilling depth of 45mm. Locking and anti-loosening effect. The commercial product (M8) has a tensile strength ≧600kg, a hole diameter of 10. The length of the new female screw controls the expansion of the female part, which can be completely expanded without causing the female part to fall out.

Such as: building curtain walls, interior decoration, air conditioning, lighting, advertising billboards, TV wall hangings, bathroom (kitchenware), water and electricity, monitors and other related industries and fields. Stainless steel screws can be preset at fixed points according to requirements, or drilled (installed) in a single construction line, and their functions and effects are exactly the same.

The screw has wide applicability, simple construction method, high construction success rate, high tensile design, high-strength expansion and expansion, China Self drilling Screws Suppliers locking and anti-loosening effect, no trouble in disposal, recyclable and high-end design concept. Static vertical load 800 hours/test≦400kg, displacement≦1 mm. Short and succinct, suitable for matching with all commercially available screws, DIY and fortified construction optional parts.

Ensure the expansion of anchor bolts. As long as the anchor bolt is withdrawn from the workpiece and the filling agent is applied to restore the plane, there is no trouble of cutting and the danger of bumping against the protrusion. Selection of construction method.

Static vertical load 800 hours/test≦500kg displacement≦1 mm. High construction success rate. Disposal without trouble. High-pitched pull design. As long as the thread size of the male part matches, it is suitable for any type of anchor head

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