Stainless steel screws can be preset at fixed points

There is no hole depth attached and borehole tilting troubles, and the construction achievement rate is 100%.5mm, and a drilling depth of 45mm. Locking and anti-loosening effect. The commercial product (M8) has a tensile strength ≧600kg, a hole diameter of 10. The length of the new female screw controls the expansion of the female part, which can be completely expanded without causing the female part to fall out.

Such as: building curtain walls, interior decoration, air conditioning, lighting, advertising billboards, TV wall hangings, bathroom (kitchenware), water and electricity, monitors and other related industries and fields. Stainless steel screws can be preset at fixed points according to requirements, or drilled (installed) in a single construction line, and their functions and effects are exactly the same.

The screw has wide applicability, simple construction method, high construction success rate, high tensile design, high-strength expansion and expansion, China Self drilling Screws Suppliers locking and anti-loosening effect, no trouble in disposal, recyclable and high-end design concept. Static vertical load 800 hours/test≦400kg, displacement≦1 mm. Short and succinct, suitable for matching with all commercially available screws, DIY and fortified construction optional parts.

Ensure the expansion of anchor bolts. As long as the anchor bolt is withdrawn from the workpiece and the filling agent is applied to restore the plane, there is no trouble of cutting and the danger of bumping against the protrusion. Selection of construction method.

Static vertical load 800 hours/test≦500kg displacement≦1 mm. High construction success rate. Disposal without trouble. High-pitched pull design. As long as the thread size of the male part matches, it is suitable for any type of anchor head

Mechanical engineering students who just graduated are really troubled

Phosphate treatment is a phosphate chemical treatment containing metal to the metal surface to form a phosphate protective film. You don't have to worry about the scale of the workshop being not large enough. I believe my introduction will be quite helpful to your employment. They are also worried about the poor conditions of the work unit, afraid of not being able to use their expertise, and worried about the salary issue, afraid that there is no way to satisfy their hearts.

This will not make you feel unable to give full play to your expertise. The factory is like your own home, which can maintain your own life and even China 40PC Socket Sets Suppliers Make your life better and better, and you can recognize friends from all corners of the world in communication. In the screw factory, there is an international standard production workshop. Come on, if you have the strength, the screw factory is definitely a good choice for your employment.

What are the advantages of the screw factory? Let me tell you slowly. Full of praise. Therefore, if you also want to work in a screw factory, this is your best choice!. The requirements inside.Nowadays, many college students who have graduated from mechanical engineering are very worried about what kind of job they should look for after they come out. Working here makes everyone know what professional team spirit is. Every time you make a product, everyone will feel the power of one heart.

Therefore, mechanical engineering students who just graduated are really troubled. The factory specializes in the production of hardware products such as screws, nuts, car parts, and stamping parts. Of course, what everyone is most worried about is that they don’t know whether they will be hired by the work unit. The supporting facilities are also quite complete, and basically all the machinery that can be used is well equipped.

Everyone chats about life, talking and laughing, but it will never affect the work. The employees who have worked here are all aware of the spirit of this factory. It can provide industry products for furniture, sports equipment, or gardening tools

Can't resist rain washing?

Now, the rainy season is approaching again.The editor will explain to you that the rainy season is coming and the license plate is lost. Plastic rivets help water melee. What should car owners pay attention to when driving through water? The above is the rainy season explained by the editor of Hardware for you. Coincidentally, car owners lost their license plates by wading in Nanchang, Dalian and many other cities..

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For this reason, Mr. Many car owners wondered why they installed strong license plate nails. Li was very angry. mainly produces and sells screw factories, screws, stainless steel screws, precision screws, screw manufacturers, special screws, paint screws, electronic screws, plastic screws, screw manufacturers, anti-theft screws, special screws, electronic screw factories, anti-loosening screws, flat screws, camphor screws, etc.

The editor will explain to you that it is particularly important to select the color of the LED plastic lamp holder Hardware: In fact, in terms of color and personal maintenance, do you rely more on the eyes of a buyer? Parts Trading Network: Just pay a little attention to the color.

The white lampshade has better light penetration and can be matched with the crystal base to create a crystal clear effect; black and color are relatively light penetration It's worse, it can radiate light downwards, so that the local light is stronger, and it can be matched with the bronze base.